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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Natural Color

Valganics Uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil as Main Soap Base for All Soaps Valganics Uses Natural Additives Such As Lavender to Add Texture and a Rustic Touch Valganics Uses Natural Colors Such As Carrot Powder For All Soaps


Essential Oils & Premium Fragrances

Valganics Uses Essential Oils and Premium Fragrances For Pleasing  Scents.  All Fragrances Are Phthalate-Free

Natural Additives

Valganics Uses Organic Coconut Oil For Soap Base

Organic Coconut Oil


Valganics Uses Natural Exfoliants Such as Gluten-Free Oatmeal


Natural Exfoliants

and Clays

Valganics Uses Natural Clays Such as Rose Kaolin Clay Valganics Uses Natural Exfoliants such as Poppyseeds